Mental Health Awareness Month: 7 Mental Health Crystals

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Mental Health Crystals

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we here at Crystalis Treasures want to share our recommendations for various mental health crystals to assist with whatever you are going through. Mental Health is a journey that all of us embark on. For some, the path is relatively straight with few pitfalls, but others can face more hurdles. All of us are at different points in our journeys and each of us has had to face different obstacles. Life is difficult, but here are some crystals that may help ease your mental health journey.

1) Amethyst

We might as well get the obvious answer out of the way first. Amethyst is one of the most common healing stones. It heals physically, emotionally, and mentally. Keep this stone with you constantly to feel its healing power.

2) Lepidolite

This mental health crystal is used to rid oneself of negative energy. It also assists with stress, despondency, and insomnia. The lithium contained within Lepidolite helps overcome depression, by bringing balance and inner peace to your life. Lithium is also said to help those with mood disorders. This crystal brings joy into your life. It is a stone of transition, bringing light and hope to any situation. 


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3) Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is known as the “Stone of Self-Love, Confidence, and Self-Esteem”. It helps you to feel self-love and to accept yourself. Rhodochrosite assists you in finding happiness and setting boundaries. If you find yourself saying yes to others’ needs above your own, this stone is for you.

4) Tourmaline

Tourmaline encourages self-confidence. If you have doubts about yourself or your abilities or worth, this is the crystal for you. Carry this stone around with you to remind yourself that you are valuable and special. It also provides insight during times of struggle and helps identify the source of your problems.

5) Fluorite

Fluorite is a crystal that helps with mental clarity and concentration. Many people with ADHD will use the stone to help focus. Many people use smaller pieces of fluorite as a fidget, or people will keep larger pieces of fluorite on their desks to encourage them to focus on their work.

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6) Pyrite

Pyrite might not be the first crystal you think of when you think of mental health crystals, but this crystal helps with willpower thus helping people kick bad habits. It also helps people overcome fears and anxieties and establish a positive attitude.

7) Garnet

Here at Crystalis Treasures, we have a few different types of garnet – all of which are good for mental health. The standard red garnet is known as “The Stone of Health” and “The Stone of Commitment.” It extracts negative energy from the chakras. It also enhances a person’s warmth and understanding. Green Garnet helps you get rid of lingering negativity related to past hurts. This is part of the reason this stone is said to help those with PTSD. This crystal is good for strength, courage, health, and relationships. Hessonite Garnet eliminates feelings of inferiority and provides the courage to continue in personal endeavors, while Tsavorite Garnet can be used for relieving deep-seated stress.

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These are just a few mental health crystals, but there are many more that can help. If you know exactly what you want out of a crystal, you can go to our Intentions page to find what you need. Check out categories like Anxiety & Depression, Focus & Clarity, Courage & Self-Confidence, Happiness & Positive Energy, etc. or you can go to our Crystal Properties page and scroll through short descriptions of over 100 different crystals to find the one you need.

We hope you enjoyed these 7 Mental Health Crystals! Take a look at our large selection of mental health crystals online or come check us out in person. We’re located at 306 Elden St Herndon, VA 20170 or if you’re located in the DMV area, you can just Google ‘Crystal Shop Near Me’ to find us. Our shop assistants will be happy to advise you on what crystal would work best.