7 Effective Crystals Pouches You Can Buy

effective crystal
Healing crystal pouches or bags contain different types of crystals. There can be any number of crystals in the pouch, but mostly there are around 3 to 9. The crystals choose to cover all the chakras, combined according to your zodiac sign or put together for a specific use to benefit particular areas of the body. A fertility pouch contains agate, bloodstone, carnelian and moonstone. A healing pouch comes with quartz, sodalite, sugilite and turquoise. A focus pouch should include dumortierite, fluorite, hematite and enhances concentration. Healing stones and crystal pouches put together with a specific purpose in mind contain crystals suited to that one purpose. You could get a combination of several stones that will help you in your lifestyle or profession, to address certain body parts or to focus on a particular chakra that needs special attention. effective crystal scaled

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