6 Spiritual Benefits of Lighting Affirmation Candles

Many people believe in the spiritual powers of a lit candle so lighting a candle is in affirmation of everything that is positive and stronger. You can create your own spiritual exercise with spiritual crystals that mean a lot to you. It is very important to concentrate on your spiritual benefits and focus on increasing your positive vibes.

What does a candle mean ?

Candles have been used for generation together by spiritual and religions across the world. Many light a candle to remember your loved one who may be across continents. Candles are used to bring joy and reunion and a getter of good ceremonies. Candles are used to represent unity, peace and love.

One way to light candles and bring affirmations is by saying affirmations and these affirmations are nothing but positive thoughts which you bring into real space. Many would like to think of lighting candles as a positive thinking exercise. Stating affirmations with a lit candle can make the day even more special for you. Colored Candles can be brought from spiritual stores near me.

You can say affirmations for any number of special reasons. Viz: health, abundance, love and relationships and anything you desire in life. When you light the candle, you are surrounded by God’s white light. If you have any desires to be fulfilled, just light the candle and utter the word of desire to attract and focus on your affirmations.

Many people like to burn a candle for improving relationships. Burning a rose-scented candle has your deepest wishes and your sincere and heartfelt prayers at heart and ask for peace and love in your life by lighting a candle for your family. The white light that you see is GOD’s sacred aura. You can feel God’s divine love when you reach out to him by lighting a candle and present in God’S strong aura. Many people are drawn towards colorful candles such as rose scented candles for love and romance. You may find other candles suiting various other purposes such as white for prayers. What others say about the candles and their colors is not as important as what you feel for it from inside. Know something is right when you hold the candle close to you and meant for a specific observation.

When we desire something from the bottom of our heart, you actually make a strong connection between the thing desired and yourself and create an energy chasm between the thing desired and ourselves. This strong connection is the reason why our candlelit dreams and desires can be fulfilled. It is like when we use the subconscious mind, we create a lasting impact on the thing we want most, more than the conscious mind just as something enigmatic is about to overwhelm us. I might add that the conscious mind is like the RAM and requires constant refreshing and the subconscious mind is the ROM that is non-volatile and stores permanent data.

The shapes of candles playa a stellar role in the configuration of energy. Shape gauges the energy structure. The color and scent will also have a bearing on the wishes and you can watch your dreams unfolding before you. This is the message that the divine GOD‘s aura has to impart to you.