6 Root Chakra Crystals

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Feeling a little emotionally tired? Feel like the world around you is moving too fast for you to keep up? In this case, work on your root chakra. This will help you find a little stability and emotional balance. Balancing your root chakra can help you find balance in your life, and it will help you become more grounded and stable.

1) Garnet

Garnet is known as “The Stone of Health” and “The Stone of Commitment.” It extracts negative energy from the all the chakras and grounds you in the process. This root chakra crystal is also known to enhance devotion, warmth, and understanding. Pick out a garnet bracelet to carry with you always, so that you can stay grounded and positive!

2) Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a protection stone. It protects from negative energy and absorbs pain from the body. This is an excellent stone for spiritual protection. Carry this stone with you, and place it in your house or in your car for protection.

obsidian bones

3) Obsidian

Obisidan helps you ground yourself and protects you from negativity. When it feels like people just can’t leave you alone, and always have something negative to say about you, use obsidian to help brush off all of their hatred and negativity. Obsidian can also be used to help relieve the worry and fear caused by others’ actions.

4) Red Jasper

Known as the “Supreme Nurturer”, this stone sustains and supports during times of stress. It provides courage, grounding, and protection. Red Jasper reminds you that your decisions are your own and you have control over your life.
Smokey Quartz


5) Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is an excellent grounding stone. It dissolves negative energy and emotional blocks. Smokey Quartz can also provide psychic protection and ground one’s psychic energy. This crystal enhances attentiveness to the present.

6) Petrified Wood

This crystal provides strength and support in times of crisis. It’s a grounding stone that helps make you feel safe and secure. Petrified Wood also aids in developing patience and helps you pace yourself throughout the day in order to be more productive.

Summary of 6 Root Chakra Crystals

As a general rule of thumb, look for dark red or black crystals when you want to work on your root chakra. (There are exceptions to this. It is a trend, not the rule.) These are typically protective, grounding stones that will help you work on your root chakra. Take a look at our collection of root chakra crystals either in-store or online!