5 Worry Stones for Stress & Anxiety


Healing stones work best to tune in and eliminate negative feelings even when these are used with other practices such as yoga and meditation. There are a number of stones that helps in lowering the stress and anxiety to make a person stay in a place of tranquility. Let’s talk about 5 worry stones that completely remove stress from your life.

  1. Sodalite

    It is frequently called the stone of peace because it helps a person to remain calm and provides relief from panic attacks. The stone prevents us from being emotional or overly sensitive due to its comforting energy. Additionally, Sodalite boosts self-confidence and helps in self-expression so, you must have it close in the time of nervousness.

  2. Kyanite

    If you want true spiritual awareness then you must have this stone with you all the time. The stone is used in meditation as it aligns the chakras of the body on the instant. Its spiritual effects help us release negative thoughts and emotions from the mind such as fear, anger, and frustration by letting us create a connection with our higher wisdom. The special attribute of this stone is that it does not hold negative energy for a long time therefore, it does not require to be cleansed.

  3. Howlite

    Nowadays, a problem for a lot of people is not having a restful sleep which leads them to feel stressed. Put a howlite under your pillow if you experience the trouble of sleeping at night due to the fact that the stone provides calming effects to insomnia. Its other main attributes are that it absorbs the negative energies and teaches a person to resolve fear or anger by enhancing the art of patience and wisdom.

  4. Moonstone

    The moonstone is a wonderful stone for childbirth, fertility, pregnancy, pms other things that are somehow related to motherhood. Therefore, it also called the stone of motherhood. The stone is creamy in color which balances female hormones and releases tension, worry, and balances mood swings. It heightens the intuition along with stabilizing the emotions and developing psychic abilities.

  5. Himalayan salt rock

    The stone detoxifies and removes the negative energy from the body and the home. Also, the stone is used to make Himalayan salt lamps to stimulate the radio waves of a rainstorm. Despite using it as a stone, when it is used as salt; it provides various benefits because it has minerals that our body requires to help relieve tensed and sore muscles. The salt can be sprinkled into the warm water for a bath and it will help you to release tensions, stress and emotional instability from the body and filling in with better sleep patterns to help you remain grounded. Also, it makes skin feel and look amazing.

There is a wide range of worry stones for releasing tension and stress however; using these 5 worry stones will provide you inner peace and calmness. If you wear worry stones; you will feel great vitality and positivity in your life.