4 Protection Crystals and 4 Ways to Use Them

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Why do you need protection crystals? The world is a dangerous place, and each of us faces our own challenges caused by outside influences every day. There are physical threats to our person from reckless drivers and muggers, but there are also less visible threats to our person. As we go about our day, we come into contact with a variety of people, and we pick up a bit of energy from all of them. This means we can pick up others’ negative energy and carry it with us. Keep reading to find out what protection crystals to use to protect yourself from these threats and how to use them!

1) Black Tourmaline

This is one of the first protection crystals that will be recommended to you at any crystal shop. This is a powerful protection stone. Black Tourmaline protects from negative energy and absorbs pain from the body. It is an excellent stone for spiritual protection as well.

2) Obsidian

Obisidan helps you ground yourself and protects you from negativity. When it feels like people just can’t leave you alone, and always have something negative to say about you, use obsidian to help brush off all of their hatred and negativity. Obsidian can also be used to help relieve the worry and fear caused by others’ actions.

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3) Shungite

This stone protects people from the electromagnetic radiation that comes from electronic devices (cell phones, TVs, laptops, etc.) The world today revolves around technology. Everywhere you look there are electronic devices, and every one of them releases EMF waves. Keep Shungite with you at all times to protect yourself.

4) Turquoise

Turquoise is not the first stone people think of when they think of protection crystals, but it is important. Turquoise is known for being a protection stone for travelers, so when you fly, drive, or sail keep a piece of turquoise with you.

So now you know what protection crystals to use to protect yourself, but how do you use them?

1) Protection Crystal Pouches

You can create crystal pouches for various purposes. At Crystalis Treasures, we have premade pouches for various intentions, including protection pouches, but you can also make your own. Carry your protection pouches with you, hang them above the doorways in your house, or stow them in your car!

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2) Jewelry

Wear your crystals in the form of bracelets, pendants, earrings, or other forms of jewelry. Wearing your crystals helps you keep their protection with you always, and it is the best way to protect your person. We have premade protection bracelets, and we make custom bracelets where you can choose which protection crystals you want. We also have various forms of Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Shungite, and Turquoise jewelry!

3) Display At Home

Place crystals around your home to protect it from burglars or anyone with negative intentions. Many people will place a piece of black tourmaline in each of the four corners of their home for protection. Plus, larger pieces of crystal such as points, pyramids, and spheres can be placed around your home to spread their energy out over your dwelling, and they make wonderful decorations too!

4) Tumbled Stones

Lastly, there is always the tried-and-true method of throwing a handful of tumbled stones in your pockets or purse as you leave the house. It is a rather simple, but effective method of taking crystals’ protection with you on the go.

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In closing, protection crystals are extremely important to keeping yourself safe and happy. Use Black Tourmaline to protect yourself from threats throughout the day. Use obsidian to keep away the negative energy of the people around you. Use Shungite to protect yourself from EMF, and use Turquoise to protect yourself while traveling. Scatter these crystals throughout your house. Make yourself crystal protection pouches and wear crystal protection bracelets. Take them with you in the car, on the bus, as you ride the metro, etc. because we could all use a little bit of extra metaphysical help as we go about our days.