4 Benefits of Owning Citrine!

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Citrine is a lovely crystal that we have in abundance here at Crystalis Treasures! This stone is a popular kind of quartz. It isa seven on the Mohrs scale and is typically found in Brazil, Russia, UK, Madagascar, France, US. Citrine gets its name from the French word citron, which means lemon, a direct reference to its typical yellow color. However, it can also come in shades of brown and orange. It is associated with the solar plexus and crown chakras. This crystal is also associated astrologically with Leo and the Sun, which is one reason it is considered a summer stone. The crystal is associated with fire as well. Read on to find out more about this crystal!

1) Attract Wealth with Citrine!

All of us want some – to quote ABBA –  “money, money, money.” Also known as “The Merchant Stone,” this crystal is a stone of prosperity. It helps gain and maintain wealth and help people obtain abundance. This makes it the perfect stone for those struggling financially or entrepreneurs seeking their fortune. Keep a piece in your business or near your work desk if you are self-employed. You can carry a piece with you to work in hopes of a raise too!

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2) Manifest Your Goals!

Citrine helps people obtain their goals. It help gives you the will to continue even when there are obstacles in your way. This crystal assists in overcoming trials, maintaining effort even during adversity, and making difficult decisions. This stone helps with self-confidence and self-esteem, convincing you that you deserve the abundance that comes your way. It helps with mental clarity allowing you to focus in on your goals and naifest them into your life. Take a piece of citrine with you to work meetings, job interviews, presentations, class, etc. to help meet your goals!

3) Recieve an Energy Boost!

Natural Citrine increases stamina and boosts energy. Feeling tired, like it’s not worth it to roll out of bed and go to work? Grab some citrine so you’ll have the energy and motivation to get out of bed! Wear a bracelet or a necklace with this crystal to take its energy with you wherever you go throughtout the day! This stone is also known for supporting the endocrine system and helping boost your metabolism! Many people use this crystal to help with weight loss and keep their energy up while at the gym. It’s good for digestive issues, kidney problems, allergies, and eating disorders.

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4) Joy!

Citrine is a bright, light crystal that can bring joy to your life! This crystal helps you deal with dark thoughts by bringing light, optimism, playfulness, and joy into your life. It gives people the strength and positivity to make it through hard times and difficult situations! This crystal helps get rid of feelings of inferiority or unworthiness. Allow this stone to help you to joyfully accept all of who you are, revel in all of the good things that come your way, and overcome the most diffcult of obstacles with a smile.


Citrine is a beautiful, happy stone that will bring wealth, abundance, and happiness into your life. It will give you the will, self-confidence, and energy to seek your own fortune and happiness. Find this crystal at Crystalis Treasures – A Metaphysical Store Near You! or shop our online store. We have citrine in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, water bottles, tumbled stones, hearts, and more! We love to see you when you come in, talk to you on the phone, or recieve emails from customers, so never hesitate to contact us about a question or product!