10 Best Crystals For Channeling Good Luck

Crystals For Channeling Good Luck

Have you ever felt your hard work does not pay off? You work on a project but do not appreciate it. Suddenly, the love of your life left you without any reason. Have you felt draining out your finances but not gaining anything?

We all have experienced some of the issues and feel confused. Such a happening shocks us for a long period. It is because your luck is not strong enough. These are the instances when we all are in dire need of good luck. Good luck bringing in abundance in our lives.

It can be in terms of money, love, health, or business. How to make your luck powerful? How to attract good luck? You can do it with the help of crystals. Crystals energy is powerful, and you have to use the powers to bring abundance to your life. What are those crystals that bring in good luck?

We consulted experts and prepared a list of crystals to help you with your luck.

#1 Green Jade

Green Jade crystal to attract good luck

Jade crystal imparts energy to attract good luck and strengthen friendship. The stone will stabilize your aura and make your personality dynamic. It helps in soothing your mind and eliminating negative thoughts and irritation. You can use it as a dream stone to achieve your goals in life. It can be academic goals, relationship goals, or business goals.

#2 Amethyst

The stone helps to bring in spiritual luck and improves your mental ability. You can focus on the work at hand. The stone motivates you to gain more projects, a new job, or any crucial purpose in life. Amethyst will remove all the negative blocking thoughts. Your mind will gain intellectual and creative energies from the stone. It develops a strong connection with spiritual energies to achieve abundance and attract good luck.

#3 Garnet

Do you want good luck in your love life? Use garnet gemstone. The powers of the stone will attract passion and love in your relationships. If you are in search of a life partner, Garnet will help you with it. Garnet helps develop a healthy balance between romance and sex drive with your partner. Moreover, it will eliminate emotional or mental disharmony. You will have genuine feelings for the love of your life and enhance compassion.

#4 Need Success? Citrine is your crystal

Citrine is the gemstone that cleanses your aura and opens your gut intuitions. It imparts power and brings good luck. If you want success in your business, Citrine stone will motivate you for it. The stone has the power to stimulate your creativity, improve concentration and strengthen intellect.

#5 Green Aventurine

The crystal is known for boosting your self-confidence and empowering your luck. Out of all the crystals, Green Aventurine is the best for attracting luck, abundance, and love. It will open all the chakras and enhance your powers. You can use it for attracting abundance in terms of money and prosperity. It would be better to blend the powers of Aventurine with Citrine to eliminate all the blockages from your path and attain success.

#6 Malachite

If you want good luck in your love life, Malachite crystal will help you. It will open your pathway for unconditional love, affection, and care. Malachite crystal has the power to clear away all the chakras and gain spiritual energy. It is also powerful in breaking unwanted ties that you have been holding for a long time. In this way, it paves the path for true love and compassion.

#7 Carnelian

Carnelian crystal is known for restoring lost motivation and vitality. It helps in promoting luck and courage for success. You can attract luck by acknowledging self-worth and self-esteem. When your complete focus is on your goals, your luck will support you to achieve them.

#8 Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye crystals for mental clarity

Tiger’s Eye crystal has the power to improve your mind power, focus, and enhance mental clarity. With mental clarity, you can develop problem resolving ability. The energies imparted by Tiger eye will help you to open up to various opportunities and grab them. Your willpower will work in a way to grab more opportunities. You will also have the courage to work on challenging things and overcome all the limitations. Besides this, the crystal will help improve your mood swing and release tension.

#9 Clear Quartz

The crystal is known for amplifying the energy of the body and channeling your good luck. The stone has the power to absorb all the negativity and regulate positive vibes around you. It will support neutralizing the background radiations and improve your mental ability. Clear Quartz has the potential to improve your psychic abilities and bring balance to the body. All this comes together to improve your luck and channel it.

#10 Rose Quartz

If you want to channel your love luck, use Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz manifestation will attract different kinds of love in your life. You can attract self-love, love for family, romantic love, and more. It helps in strengthening the trust and commitment towards your loved ones.


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